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Our editorial and our primary purpose, as far as drama is concerned, for cinema and television, is to discover a contemporary French and foreign cinema, and to reveal and support new talents. We produce projects, which are eclectic, with always outspokenness and boldness. Our work is based on independence and willingness to defend the films we like


    A film by Dorothée SEBBAGH. 2012.
    Feature-length film, 70mn.
    A coproduction BELAVOX & Monkey Bay production.
    With the support of the AGIR program in the PACA Region .

  • WILD.
    A film by Jean-François AMIGUET. 2010.
    Feature-length film, 90mn.
    A coproduction PCT CINEMA TELEVISIONS (Switzerland), TARANTULA (Belgium), TSR.
    With the support of the Cultural Swiss Office, the City of Geneva, the PACA region, the General Council 06.

  • 11,43.
    A short film by Thierry AGUILA.
    2009. HDV.
    Scriptwriter and director Thierry AGUILA.
    With the support of the PACA region,
    Marseilles, a saturday evening at 11:43...In a hangar desert, André Canillas, a legendary Godfather of the local underword, is gunned down by 5 bullets. Since the morgue where he is lying dead pending an autopsy, the godfather becomes the cynical "narrator" of the events following his death.