About us


MONKEY BAY is an independent production company, which produces films both for television and cinema. Its main vocation is aimed at executive production of documentary films for national and international TV channels and also fiction feature films (short and feature films, unitary, series, miniseries, etc.) for cinema and television.


We produce and co-produce documentaries and features of high quality, nationally and internationally, by developing several documentary projects on background issues and eclectic topics, for both television and film industry.

Our editorial guiding line is built on the long term, around a genuine accompaniment work together with our committed directors and scriptwriters, to ensure the continuity of their projects. Curious and open-minded, we also try to give a chance for young talents, French or foreigners, with a real development strategy to consider the positive fulfilment of their projects. While developing original themes through a deep research and investigation work, we always put forward our ambitions and artistic requirements.

Loyalty to our funders, broadcasters and co-producers, who work together with us for several years, is our best reward:

  • In France: CNC, PROCIREP, Arte-France, France Télévisions (France 3, France 5), LCP, M6, History and Planète channels, the Provence Alpes-Côte-d'Azur Region, the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes, etc.
  • Overseas: YLE TV, RTBF, TSR, WDR, RAI, SVT, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Catalunya TV, TVR - Romanian Television, etc.


We regularly participate in international markets: Israel and Ramallah Close Encounters, FIPA, Sidges, Lisbon, Dublin, Rotterdam, MIPTV in Cannes, Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle, etc.

We are also members of EDN (European Documentary Network), PROCIREP, LPA (Associated Producers in the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur Region), Pôle Sud Image Marseilles (PRIDES Image, a professional audiovisual cluster).

We also offer production services on local executive production as far as movies’ shooting is concerned; on TV dramas, commercials, video clips and video reports, which are produced in our region. With an experience of several years, we have an excellent knowledge of the economic, political and social development of our territory, with a very rapid and reactive response capacity, both for tight budgets or for the much more ambitious ones.

Our professionalism and organizational discipline are put in the service of our partners for the fulfilment of their projects, from the very conventional ones, which have strict specifications, to the more “original” ones, while permanently seeking our imagination and adaptability.