A documentary by Thierry AGUILA. 52'. 2012.
Broadcaster France TV.
June 2013.

The Police Department of Marseilles, called the « Évêché » has become very famous and popular thanks to movies, literature and newspapers. A myth.
But the reality of the place is different from the legend.

The film attempts to recount the basic everyday life of 700 officials who work there. From staff meetings of the General Staff to the administrative services of the Human Resources Department, via the sports hall, the staff canteen or the police interrogations’ offices. The film focuses on the human aspect, which is lively, on the prosaic side from the cops’ job, which is privileged to the detriment of live actions and sensationalism.

Filmed over several months, the film aims at showing the genuine every day routine at the “Évêché”, from the inside, day after day.






A documentary by Laurent Lutaud. 52'. 2013.

In production, with France TV, Ushuaïa TV and the CNRS Image.

For ten years, jellyfish seem to proliferate on the beaches of the French Riviera.

This abundance reflects an imbalance in the marine ecosystem which is still poorly understood . It is also responsible for mobilizing the scientific community that seeks to understand this phenomenon.

Built as an investigation where cross different scientists and researchers, this film tries to take stock of this new invasion.