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    TV Creative Documentary, 52mn. 2012.
    Author & Director : Laurent LUTAUD.
    Broadcaster : France TV.
    The expression stemming from 1919, “The Disfigured”, refers to soldiers, policemen and fire fighters with serious face wounds. It also describes men who suffer from such psychological trauma, that they are unable to resume life in society. “The disfigured” tells the story of these men, sometimes made unrecognizable through wars. Moreover, it bears testimony to a great nationwide mobilization to their benefit, and to a surgical revolution bringing about the “plastic surgery of the face”. Finally, it is the tale of a unique means of financing: the National Lottery, created in order to help these heavily injured men, which still contributes to finance the Union of the Facially Wounded.

    TV Creative Documentary, 52mn. 2012.
    Author & Director : Thierry AGUILA.
    Broadcaster : France TV.
    Paris has its famous « Quai des Orfèvres », Marseilles has its « Évêché» with well-know historical crooks and gangsters. The « Évêché» is a building where over thousand people are working everyday. It concentrates the most important departments of the Police: The General Staff, the Public Safety, the Criminal Investigation Department, the Flying Squad, the Information & Command Headquarters and also the Drug Squad. All the incoming calls for the “17” are centred there…

    Cinema Feature Film, 70mn, HD. 2012.
    Author and Director : Dorothée SEBAGGH.
    With : Sophie CATTANI, Gérard DUBOUCHE.
    Coproduction : Belavox. With the support of PACA Region.
    Emily is 35 years old; she is single for too long...An evening of Christmas Eve she decides to register on a dating site on the Internet, “MeetMe” with a good resolution : to find love...There are many men on "Meet Me": cynics, entertainers, and even a few loustiques great romantics. Emily has no idea what to expect ... In Real Life in real life.

    TV Creative Documentary, 52mn. 2011.
    Authors & Directors : Thomas ELLIS et Stéphanie LEBRUN
    Broadcaster : M6 (France).
    How the city of Karachi, which has been called “City of Lights” for a long time by Pakistani, has been able to sink in the torments of terrorism and criminality? Karachi: home to 18 million inhabitants, with that number expected to rise to 32 million over the next fifteen years. Amongst the three most populated cities in the world, Karachi is also one of most dangerous. The presence of the Taliban, organized crime and corruption make for an explosive cocktail in this city on the edge of chaos. Is Karachi about to come one of the most dangerous cities worldwide, putting the other neighbour countries Pakistan/India/Afghanistan in danger? This film is a genuine investigation in this amazing city, which crystallizes the fears of Occident. Our fears.

  • WILD
    Cinema Feature Film, 83mn, 35mm. 2010
    Authors : Jean-François AMIGUET, Tieri BRIET, Sandrine BOURGUIGNON.
    Director : Jean-François AMIGUET.
    With : Jean-Luc BIDEAU, Clémentine BEAUGRAND.
    Coproduction : PCT CINEMA TELEVISION & TSR (Switzerland), TARANTULA (Belgium).
    With the support of OFC (Federal Office of Culture, Switzerland), City of Genève, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur fund, the General Council of the Alpes Maritimes.
    At 22, Adriana is a hypersensitive girl. Tracked down by the police for having burnt down her father’s house, she runs away in the mountains to reach the border which is a way to vanish her past. When escaping she meets Bernard, who lives as a hermit in the middle of the snowy wild landscapes. He shares his territory with a wolf pack and has turn over his past for many years.

    TV Creative Documentary, 52mn, HDV. 2010.
    Author & Director : Xavier MUNTANYÀ.
    Coproduction : BATABAT (Spain).
    Broadcasters : HISTOIRE, France TV , TVE, TV3, Canal Historia (Spain).
    With the support of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur fund & the CNC.
    During Spain’s Civil War (1936-1939) General Francisco Franco created a network of spies who worked beyond the Republican lines, all the way to France. Their activities were a key element in achieving the victory that lead to his dictatorship. Franco couldn’t have succeeded in constructing this network without the assistance of Nazis in Germany, Italian fascists and far right-leaning French. Indeed, though the French secret police was fully aware of the network, they did almost nothing to stop it.

    TV Creative Documentary, 57 mn, HDV. 2010.
    Author & Director : André WAKSMAN.
    Coproduction : Vision Internationale, Blink Officina (Italy), Vision Internationale Corsica.
    Broadcasters : France TV.
    With the support of The Shoah Foundation, Yad Vashem, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur fund, the General Council of the Alpes Maritimes, Corsica (CTC), the CNC, le Piemonte Doc Film Fund.
    1943. While the “Final Solution” raged in Europe, the Italian Army protected the Jews in the areas they occupied. For 9 months a small alpine village in the South of France, 64 kilometres North of Nice, is changed into an Eastern European “shetel”. Under the protection of the Italian army, despite pressure from the Germans and the Vichy administration, and thanks to the benevolence of the villagers, 1200 Jews got a brief respite from the horrors of the war…

    TV Creative Documentary, 52 mn, Beta Num. 2009.
    Authors : Stephane Lopez & David BOUTTIN.
    Director : David Bouttin
    Broadcasters : France TV. With the support of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur fund & the CNC.
    Between the Gulf of Fos-sur-Mer and the Pond of Berre, Provence reveals unfortunately an unusual image. An industrial postcard where the smells of lavender and the cicadas singing cross the pollution due to the over-industrialization. This documentary proposes an inventory of one of the most paradoxical regions of France.
    Documentary 26 mn. 2007.
    Director: Joel Yvon

    The well-known Architect Rudy Ricciotti, (French National award winner in 2006), reveals the secrets behind the new technology used for the construction of Enrico Navarra's art gallery in Le Muy, Provence. A world premiere Coproduction : Monkey Bay productions & EPCC Pont du Gard

  • LA VICTORINE, 90 years of cinema in Nice
    Documentary, 52 mn. France 3. 2007.
    Author & Director: Marie Berthelius

    The story of the legendary VICTORINE STUDIOS in Nice, from their creation in 1919 until their recent modernization.

    Coproduction : Monkey Bay productions, Same Films, France 3 Méditerranée.

    Documentary, 52 mn. ARTE France 2005.
    Author & Director: Pierre-Yves MOULIN.

    Three femal destinies, three different visions of Italy, a glance at the Italian immigration in France.
    Coproduction : France 3, Idée Originale.

    Documentary, 52 mn. France TV, TV5 Monde, Haïti National TV. 2004.
    Georges NIVOIX & Laurent LUTAUD.
    Director: Laurent LUTAUD.

    A portrait of Toussaint Louverture, General of the French army and initiator of Haïti's independence in 1804.

    Documentary, 85 & 58 mn. ZDF/ARTE, FRANCE TV, HISTORY CHANNEL, VPRO, DR. 2002.
    Author & Director:
    Laurent LUTAUD.
    A creative documentary on one of the last trains of deportees to leave France from German camps during a never-ending journey at the end of WW II.